Midas Data

 Usernames and Passwords

The access of items marked with a padlock is restricted by username and password.
If you don't have access to a username or password, contact the Mott MacDonald Helpdesk.
Documents without a padlock icon are publicly available for download.


Log data from each of the Regional Control Offices (RCCs) is available from the link below.
Archive data prior to incorporation of the PCOs into the RCCs can be obtained by contacting the Mott MacDonald Helpdesk

 Traffic Count Data and Logs

The Traffic Count Data and Logs have been compressed using a bzip2 data compressor.

If you are unfamiliar with the bzip2 format, more information can be found at the official bzip2 home page.
That site contains links to a number of bzip2 tools for a variety of operating systems.
In particular, a Windows version of the bzip2 tool can be found at

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